Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Getaway...

Hello chicas!

Hope all has been well with each of you. I had a great time in Atlantic City a few weekends ago. It was my first time ever and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The most memorable moment was when my boyfriend (Carlos) of 3 years proposed - a total surprise! Of course, I said yes.

Here are some pics of the trip (and the ring, of course)...

Pics from the hotel room...

A butterfly landed on our table right before the waitress took our picture. Butterflies are said to be good luck - I see it as a blessing...


I think Carlos did an amazing job picking out the ring all by himself. I absolutely love it! What do you think?

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Simple Chic: Basic Black

Hello chicas!

Hope your week is going well. Mine is great since I start my weekend tomorrow. Why does it feel so good to be off from work? Maybe because it's work? Lol. I certainly plan to enjoy my 4-day weekend.

Here's what I wore earlier this week...


Dress: Express via Ebay Shoes: Calvin Klein (DSW)
Earrings/Necklace: NY&Co
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classy Neutrals

Hola chicas!

There's something I love about neutral colors. I guess that's the "conservative" in me - it's called my comfort zone. I must say that since I've been following the blogs of others like Tavia of Nine to Fly and Roni of Style and Poise - to name a few - I've been inspired to step outside of my box at least a little bit. I must say it's been fun experimenting!

Anyway, here's an outfit I wore a few weeks ago.

Top: Ann Taylor Outlet Skirt: The Limited (Swapped )
Belt: Nine West (Marshalls) Shoes: Nine West Outlet
Watch: Michael Kors (Ebay) Necklace: Burlington

Do you ever step outside your box? If not, what's holding you back?

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday's Best

Hey Classy Chicas!

Back again with my Sunday outfit from last weekend. Carlos (aka my sweetie) and I visited Living Waters Worship Center in Odenton, MD. I was invited by someone I met in the hair salon a few weeks ago.  Can I tell you that I've never been to a church like this before? This church was awesome for several reasons:

1. They started on time. They even had a countdown clock on the big screen to let you know service was about to start!
2. Service was a total of 1.5 hours (what?!?)
3. They have 3 services (8am, 10am and noon - 10am is the perfect time for service in my book!).
4. The message was great - it was the last message of their couples series on Staying in Love (how appropriate that we visited together (smile).
5. It's close to home.

I don't know if it gets any better than that! Needless to say we will be going back real soon!

Dress: The Limited (Clearance)
Shoes: Guess (via Off Broadway on Clearance)
Bracelet: Charming Charlie Rings: Tiffany & Co/Old Navy Outlet
Watch: Invicta via Ebay

Until next time...Keep It Classy!


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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Fun...

Hello Classy Chicas!

Hope your weekend has been good to you . My weekend consisted of attending the Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree at MOVA Lounge in DC on Saturday hosted by Patrice Washington. I wasn't sure I was going but decided I would go. I've found that you tend to miss out on a good thing if you don't do something simply because you don't feel like it.

So needless to say I was glad I went. I met some fellow bloggers and equally as important, I found some good stuff! Here are a few pics I took with my phone (excuse the quality).

Brittany Williams, CEO of Modern Day Classics
I checked out Brittany's selection (another Classy Chica!). She had some nice, unique pieces. Check her out at 

These ladies had some really cool and unique jewelry pieces. 

Whitney "Nic" James of Nic's Picks

It was so cool to meet Nic in person! I had been a follower of her blog for a short time before meeting her on Saturday. I found out that she is also a personal shopper. She was at the event as an on-site fashion consultant to help shoppers style their finds. Be sure to check her out at  

Here are my finds: 100% Cotton turquoise tunic ($3), Green clutch ($5), Bracelets ($5 ea). 

So all in all, I enjoyed myself. Keep checking  for details on the next event scheduled for the fall!

Until next time...Keep it Classy!


Monday, July 30, 2012

All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go!

Hello Classy Chicas and Chicos!

Ever get dressed in preparation to go out and your plans get cancelled and you were so looking forward to going??? My guess is you feel my pain. Well, I was supposed to go to an event last week after work and I found out that the event had been sold out. News Flash! Don't assume you can wait until the day of to get tickets to an event especially when that event only costs $5!

Oh and before I forget, I must mention that the inspiration for this outfit came from Tavia over at Nine to Fly. She's in the DMV too - maybe one day I'll get to meet her. Her style is fabulous and I love what she does with color. Check out her blog for some great styling ideas.

So here is what I would have worn that evening. Lol!

Blazer: Calvin Klein (Thrifted)  Shirt: Esprit Outlet
Skirt: The Limited Outlet  Shoes: Nine West (Ebay)
Necklace: Banana Republic Outlet
Watch: Invicta (Ebay) Bracelet/Ring: Old Navy Outlet

Have you ever been all dressed up with nowhere to go? Did you just stay home or did you find something to do despite your cancelled plans?

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