Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Naturally Chic

This week I want to share with you the awesome ladies of NappStar, the natural hair care salon that has been my hair salon for the past 2+ years.

Annette and Melissa opened their shop in Odenton, MD back in 2011. I just happened to find them in my area while looking for beauty supply stores. What a gem I found in them! I started out as a client wearing natural styles and they revived my long lost interest in getting locs. They didn't let me think about it too long and before you know it, I started my loc journey. They are two awesome, hard-working, ambitious divas making things happen in the Baltimore metro area and beyond.

They are currently located in a gorgeous shop in Columbia, MD where they provide services such as natural hairstyles, braids and locs. You can also find these ladies at various events in the area such as For Sisters Only and at other local events. If you are a natural diva or want to be (smile), please visit these ladies at NappStar. I promise - you will NOT be disappointed.

Annette and Melissa

What do you enjoy most about being natural?

I don't know any different. I've never had a perm...I think it's easier to have locs, personally. I can do more with my hair without worrying about damage.

Why do you think so many women are going natural these days?

It's becoming more accepted in the workplace. 

What advice do you have for those who are considering going natural?

It's the best decision you could ever make for your hair...anything you can do with permed hair you can do with natural hair. You have a lot more options without damaging your hair.

What are a few of your recommendations for maintaining healthy, natural hair?

1. Consistency - make sure to use your products daily.
2. Be aware of all you put in your hair because natural hair is fragile. 
3. Don't apply too much heat.
4. Everyone's hair is different, so make sure you find the products that work best for your hair.

See for yourself what Nappstar can do for you. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Frugal & Fabulous

I talked about clothing swaps in a much earlier post. Swaps are an awesome way to get a lot of new-to-you clothes, shoes and/or accessories for next to nothing. A thrifter like myself is in heaven at a swap! I attended a swap this past weekend in DC hosted by Frugally Fab. The venue was very nice and little did I know that this was the organizers' first event! They did an awesome job. Kudos to Kat and Jerrita! I'm looking forward to attending their events in the future.

The hostesses 

The tables were filled with gems just waiting to be found and lots of shoes to choose from too.

A swapper with a great find. 

A few of my tips for a successful swapping experience: 

1. Bring items to swap that you would be proud to give to a girlfriend (in good condition with no stains, tears or missing buttons, zippers, etc.) You get back what you give.
2. Bring a large enough bag in which to carry your items home. 
3. Come dressed in something that you can try on clothes over. 
4. If you take something home that you later decide you don't want, bring it to the next swap as one your swappable items!

Who says we can't be frugal and fabulous??? 

The next swap in the DMV will be hosted by Dewdrop DC. Check them out for details. 

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thrifty, Shifty Chic

Happy Friday eve chicas! I am keeping this short and sweet, just like this dress I wore to work a few weeks ago. :-)

There's nothing like a great thrift find. I found this shift dress at my favorite thrift store (Salvation Army) near my job. They have 50% off all clothing items on Wednesdays, so obviously that's the day I go to see what goodies I can covet. I paid $5 for this dress and I love the fit. I have to say it was $5 well spent.

Dress: Chico's (thrifted)
Shoes: MaxStudio (shoemetro.com)

I love a good sale and getting thrifted items at a discount is right up my alley! Most, if not all, thrift stores have sales days. Just find out which day your thrift store offers a sale and plan to go on that day to get the best savings!

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