Friday, October 4, 2013

Frugal & Fabulous

I talked about clothing swaps in a much earlier post. Swaps are an awesome way to get a lot of new-to-you clothes, shoes and/or accessories for next to nothing. A thrifter like myself is in heaven at a swap! I attended a swap this past weekend in DC hosted by Frugally Fab. The venue was very nice and little did I know that this was the organizers' first event! They did an awesome job. Kudos to Kat and Jerrita! I'm looking forward to attending their events in the future.

The hostesses 

The tables were filled with gems just waiting to be found and lots of shoes to choose from too.

A swapper with a great find. 

A few of my tips for a successful swapping experience: 

1. Bring items to swap that you would be proud to give to a girlfriend (in good condition with no stains, tears or missing buttons, zippers, etc.) You get back what you give.
2. Bring a large enough bag in which to carry your items home. 
3. Come dressed in something that you can try on clothes over. 
4. If you take something home that you later decide you don't want, bring it to the next swap as one your swappable items!

Who says we can't be frugal and fabulous??? 

The next swap in the DMV will be hosted by Dewdrop DC. Check them out for details. 

Until next time...Keep it Classy!


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