Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thrifty, Shifty Chic

Happy Friday eve chicas! I am keeping this short and sweet, just like this dress I wore to work a few weeks ago. :-)

There's nothing like a great thrift find. I found this shift dress at my favorite thrift store (Salvation Army) near my job. They have 50% off all clothing items on Wednesdays, so obviously that's the day I go to see what goodies I can covet. I paid $5 for this dress and I love the fit. I have to say it was $5 well spent.

Dress: Chico's (thrifted)
Shoes: MaxStudio (

I love a good sale and getting thrifted items at a discount is right up my alley! Most, if not all, thrift stores have sales days. Just find out which day your thrift store offers a sale and plan to go on that day to get the best savings!

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  1. You better go 'head with ya bad self, Janeen! I love the dress and the price is even better! Lookin' good!