Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gone too long...

Hello all,

My deepest apologies for being away so long! Over the past year life has happened in a major way. In my last post I left you with the news that I got engaged. Well, so much has happened since then (i.e. new hubby, new baby and a few other curveballs that were thrown my way). Unfortunately, my pregnancy, among other things, drained me of all energy and motivation to do anything which is why it took so long to get back to what I (for two of us now!), blogging and sharing my experiences with you guys!

Hubby and me

Baby Caia and me. Our dog photo bombing in the back. Lol!


Top: The Limited
Belt: Target
Capris: New York & Company (Thrifted)

I can't go without mentioning how good it feels to wear my regular clothes again! :-)

Until next time...keep it classy!

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